Altezza Residencies Wattala

The first luxury apartment complex in Wattala offering international standards of living

Aspire Residencies Athurugiriya

The first infinity pool experience in Athurugiriya
starting at just LKR 59 lakhs!

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About Odiliya Residencies

Many have dreams. Only a few could materialize them. A childhood dream that had been there in a youth’ s mind two decades ago, who had been very energetic and enterprising had a dream to establish a company to cater to the needs of a desired niche market and thereby satisfy its clientele. The preferred sector was Real Estate .As a result of severe determination and commitment, the seed of ‘ODILIYA’ became a reality and concentration was devoted on Land.

300 Houses

60 Appartments

10 Offices

New level of luxury and comfort at Altezza

Elegant and spacious, world class apartments at the most premium location in the heart of wattala.

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